Our Services

The services we offer are fee based, usually determined by the time taken to complete matters, although payment by commission remains an option for those seeking to arrange an Insurance (Protection) policy. We like to develop long-term relationships built on trust. Ongoing reviews, for monitoring and making adjustments to past recommendations are encouraged unless a pure transactional service is required.

Our personal clients are usually of higher net worth, retired or approaching retirement, seeking advice on their accumulated assets and pension funds, which need to be invested wisely and tax efficiently to protect against the threats of inflation, lengthening mortality and over exposure to market risk where possible.

Our aim is to remain independent and serve only our clients' needs, to have a positive impact on their financial position and to provide a bespoke and trusted service at highly competitive terms.

Knowing that you can trust us is vitally important and we hope that our initial complimentary meeting will put you at ease. At this meeting we will want to understand your current financial position, your financial objectives and your attitude risk. If necessary we will also help you to define your goals so at later meetings we set you on the correct course to achieve them.

Our financial planning systems will help you to assess what is acheivable in the given time-frame, budget and risk parameters and our advice will aim to give you the best possible outcome .

We look forward to meeting with you soon.

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